Oyinkansola Alabi is a Lead Researcher, Intellectual Property Owner and Lead Facilitator of the YOUTH MAX IDEOLOGY.

Mastermind. Futurist. Incredible blend of gift and skill. Public Speaker. Authentic Thought Leader. One of Nigeria’s clearest and sought after – Youth Influencers and Corporate Trainer. This is how many industry professionals and observers have continued to describe Oyinkansola Alabi.

She is the Principal Coach of Merchants of Romance, an Emotions Coaching and Consulting Firm. The company works with leaders of various arms of Government and NGO’s as well as Business and Institution leaders at all levels, using original, home-grown research and principle based methodologies. 

Oyinkansola works strictly with thinkers, decision makers, influencers as well as the most vulnerable in society. She is shaping culture in Youths and Family Life through Thought Re-engineering. She is also the Co- Visionary of Emotions Clinic and EXERGY LTD. 


M.O.R. at Six Seconds Institute USA. The Worlds largest Emotional Intelligence Network

Oyinkan has developed many best selling products helping hundred of thousands of individuals across the globe, her products include; What Stories are you Telling Yourself, Writings on Your Wall, Gospel according to Romance, Emotions Mastery to mention a few. The Personal Advisor, Coach and Confidant to many high-net-worth individuals promotes EMOTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY as a critical pathway to PURPOSEFULNESS at any level of development. 

The Seasoned Psychologist, UK Certified Life Coach and a US Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner also serves as an ordained Pastor under the dynamic leadership of Pastors Taiwo and Nomthi Odukoya.